With the right Professional Liability Insurance policy you can return to the priorities of running your business, confident that the insurance company will be protecting your interests throughout every step of the legal process.

No one expects or intends to make an error or omission that harms a client, but we all know that mistakes do happen. Even if you’re not at fault, a disgruntled client could bring a lawsuit against you. Many honest, hard-working business owners have been ruined by lawsuits that, although unjustified, diverted the owner’s time and resources away from running the business.

If you sell a professional service, you are at risk. Some of the professionals who should be concerned about this risk are virtually every kind of consultant, including architects, medical professionals, lawyers, engineers, veterinarians, real estate professionals, accountants and more. Professional Liability Coverage will shield personal assets and help maintain a good reputation through the defense of allegations of wrongdoing which might be frivolous or false.

Here are some examples of what can happen:

  • A surgeon leaves the scalpel in her patient
  • A lawyer loses a client’s case because he forgot to file the suit on time
  • A software developer creates a program with a glitch that prevents a business from being able to operate and as a consequence loses thousands of dollars

Professional Liability is imperative because General or Business Liability policies exclude coverage for professional errors and Homeowners policies exclude liability coverage for anything business related.

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